Verticle Envelopment

Tiger swallowtail butterfly assault on a fragrant mimosa flower.  I had dismissed this photograph as badly composed and not properly exposed.  Yet, as review my photos, I find myself finding something interesting in this shot.  I am not exactly sure what it is.  I vividly remember the day.  Hot and humid.  I remember the smell.  Mimosa are very fragrant in bloom.  I suspect that the implied motion and the patterns of light and shadows playing on the leaves and stem please me.  When on a walk, I rely on instinct.  I actual shoot very few photographs.  Those that I do, I quickly check the light, eyeball the distance to get a reason depth of field setting, adjust the ISO to ensure that I have as little motion blur as possible, and fire away.  I never check the images until I get home.  Most of my subjects do not stick around for a second chance.


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