Adventures of Bat Cat

Today’s episode begins as our fearless hero emerges from the mist to save the day from frolicking squirrels.  Warm spring temperatures aroused the sleeping squirrel nemeses from their tree hideouts.  Chaos reigned supreme as bushy tailed rodents boldly marauded nearby birdfeeders with complete abandon.  Surely, something must be done.  Bat Cat to the rescue.  Perched high above in an upstairs window, teeth chattering, and eyes glaring, our hero stands ready to spring into action.

Alas, once again, the window defeated our would be hero.  Next time.  If only he had thumbs.  The plight of an inside cat.  Until next time, protect your cats and the local wild life by keeping your cats inside.  They will live longer and healthier, and the birds and squirrels will thank you.


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