Wolf’s Hollow – Apple House

We are fortunate in Chester and Lancaster County Pa. to have numerous historic sites and parks that preserve the 17th and 18th century heritage.  Octoraro Creek runs through this rugged terrain with steep walls and small waterfalls.  A land patent was first issued for Wolf’s Hollow in 1789 to a merchant from Philadelphia, although, the first record of ownership was issued in 1733.  The land provided access to iron ore and minerals with Octoraro Creek provided water power for manufacturing activities.  The Apple House, was build in the late 18th century.  It is located on a fertile agriculture land just east of the rugged Octoraro Creek.  Apple orchards were cultivated and harvested.  Wolf’s Hollow is now a Chester County Park with hiking trails and the remains of 17th and 18th century buildings and ruins.   The last private owner of the park grounds was Gagliardi, of Steak’Em fame who sold the land to Chester County.  His county home, a reproduction of 18th mansions, still remains on the grounds.


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