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I love photography, I wish I had ventured into the hobby long ago.  In retirement, it was on my list to begin learning.  And, I am still learning.  I am also a semi-professional geek (I don’t get paid for IT anymore 🙂 ).  My home computer setup has always had two monitors.  Makes programming and photo processing much easier.  Recently, I added a Ubuntu 16.04 machine to my network.  The best of both worlds here.  One keyboard, one mouse running a  window 10 pro desktop on one monitor with a xrdp remote Ubuntu desktop running  on the second monitor.  I collected a bunch of sata drives I had laying around in JBOD for a 1 TB network store managed by Samba.  BTW, the Unity 16.04 gnome desktop and xrdp do not play together well.  I run the Mate as an alternate desktop for x-sessions.

Next up, secure VPN port forwarding and standing up my Apache2 web site.  Old geeks never die, they ping the internet forever.


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