For gamers – Xbox One on HDR+ TV

Actual in game shot – Regular Xbox One (not the S model) on a Sammy 40 inch 4k UHD TV with HDR + enabled.  The difference in IQ is more than noticeable – even for this 70 year old gamer.


3 thoughts on “For gamers – Xbox One on HDR+ TV

  1. I have the xbox one and the ps4. I can confirm that the ps4 (now playing The Last Guardian) does indeed benefit from 4K UHD HDR+ upscaling. The PS4 actually has a setting in the video section for enhanced display. On consoles, I would suggest waiting for the real next gen platforms coming out next year. When looking a 4K tv options, make sure that it supports settings to force HDR+.


  2. I will also add that lightroom and photoshop run at 4K resolution – can real see the detail in raw images. Lightroom scales perfectly in windows whilst Photoshop needs to have the interface settings set to 200% scale and large fonts to display correctly.


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